brut rose

Ancestral method. But even though there are actually two fermentations (one in the tank and one in the bottle), we consider that it is really the same fermentation, as we do not force the second bottle fermentation; either it continues after bottling, or it restarts itself when the conditions so permit. Harvest is at the beginning of August, the grapes are pressed directly in a pneumatic press, and then the must is cooled down for natural settling without adding any substances to aid in this clarification process. When the must became sufficiently clear, we started fermentation at a controlled temperature (around 16ºC) in stainless steel tanks. Then we waited for the right density to be reached for bottling. We took the bottles down to the cellar to stack them “en rima” where they finished fermenting, either shortly after or by the following spring. At this point we decided how long we wanted to age the wine and then after settling the lees we prepared the bottles for degorging. We did not add any liqueur d’expedition or sugar to this wine. If necessary we topped up the bottles with the same wine in cases when a lot of wine was lost during the degorging porocess.

Aging: 12 months in bottle on lees.

95% Pinot Noir and 5% Garnacha Tintorera.



Type of wine

Sparkling Brut Rose, ancestral method


3,000 bottles, 750 ml.

Ficha Técnica