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Each plot, house floor, each orientation, each wine

The winery, in our case, is something also in constant development, seeking the best and most respectful way for the fermentation and aging of the wines resulting from each plot, each floor of each orientation...

They come from many parts of the world every year to help in the work of vintage and winery during the hardest months, these people with their energy and in line with grapes obtained with the respectful care make a combination that living liquid that obtained and wine become transmit these human emotions, these particular organoleptic characteristics of each vineyard that will make every wine each vintage is unique and unrepeatable.

Aging in Wood

Some of our wines spend some time in oak. Only those wines that we believe will gain in complexity and become best wines will rest in barrels.

Parenting time will mark the wine itself: it depends on each vintage or plots, and therefore have more or less contact time with oak.