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Property located in Madrid, particularly in the municipality of Titulcia, which has a curious history. When we met the farm looking for its owner and to get in touch with him, we reported that same day that he planned to sell the property to another buyer interested.

The deal was about to close in the notary, without hesitation we approached the notary to negotiate a last-minute deal, it was not possible. However, we gave our data to the new buyer hoping to reconsider its position.

Some years passed, and one day the phone rang, it was that new owner who had decided to reconsider the offer, at last we thought we were getting a farm in our hands give special wines.

Viñuela is in the valley of Tajuña, loamy soil and plaster, with much nutrient, which requires special care in controlling the growth of the plant. The age of the vines is over 80 years of Grenacha and Tempranillo.

Over the years, we are listening to the vineyards we are getting a complex wine, with its own special character. The farm is expressed with a freedom that often baffles us, but with a captivating personality.