Viticulture is the base and source of our wines, is something that we internalized deep, personal and freely. Always guiding us in our sensations, perceptions … it was mandatory since training came later and allowed us, if possible, the better to be in tune with the vineyard and its surroundings.

Then came the animals for work in the field and finally biodynamic basis to rise to a different level for the development of the vineyard environment.

Caring for plants is for us a constant dedication, in search of balance in the vineyard and that this be written into the fruit, grapes.

Strains care for it so that using natural treatments integrated into the environment, this can generate self-defense against the evils that threaten it.

Hand picking the grapes, trying not to break the skin and preserving the highest possible bloom to serve as a natural element of the beginning of fermentation is one of the largest efforts we made in coming to the harvest dates.

Healthy grapes, controlled and managed with respect is the foundation of our wines.