Bodegas Maestro Tejero was born in Peñafiel in 1998, in the heart of Ribera del Duero. From 2000 to 2006, in addition to its initial plots in Peñafiel, other plots of small hawthorns were gradually introduced in Castrillo de Duero, Olmos de Peñafiel, Quintanilla de Arriba, Bocos de Duero.

We were looking for different altitudes, orientations, native varieties in different soils such as alluvial, limestone, clay and sandy soils.

In 2007, the search for land in higher areas began and old Tempranillo vineyards were discovered in Valtiendas, at almost 1,000 metres above sea level, planted on the area’s original clone and on pebble soil. The Tempranillo clone is different from the one found in the valley, thus increasing the possibilities of our wines, adding complexity and an aromatic palette.

The diversity of plants and soils gives our wines from this area a unique, different personality, which is a constant challenge in the search for a language of its own that distinguishes the land.


It is in Navalcarnero, viticultural area par excellence of Madrid, where we provide the Garnacha and Tempranillo grape, sandy soils of decomposed granite.

Since this area has high temperatures during the ripening period care much vegetation that protects the grapes and harvest time. An early harvest for the production of our wine of Madrid is performed: Two times.

On the other hand, in a totally different area, wine is born from a single plot in Titulcia, La Viñuela. Titulcia, bathed by the river Tajuña and gypsum soils and loams, the old strains of Tempranillo and Grenache responsible for printing special and different character compared to other local wines is based.

Sierra de Gredos

The Sierra de Gredos is presented as an elongated ridge that rises in the center of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the province of Avila, where our vineyards, there are areas with large differences in altitude, orientation and type of soil. Specifically in the municipality of Navarredondilla, with its 1152 meters of altitude, and seated on granite mainly soils and orientation, this is where the different plots give character and personality to our wine Marciano, 100% Grenache from very old vines, more than 70 years, most planted rootstock.

Today, all the grapes from different plots are vinified separately to study the particularities of each farm, but finally come together to form our unique wine village Navarredondilla. Is not ruled out in the future to make a wine unique plot.


It is from 2014 and completely fortuitous circumstances, when we offer the possibility of working with a plot planted in 1910 in the same town of Cigales (a few meters from the center).

It’s called Sobrecasa are almost 4 acres with tempranillo and Grenache as the protagonists but also to a small extent we are fine Palomino, Moscatel and Albillo.

The soil, composed of rubble or gravel in surface area, resting on a bed of clay and limestone subsoil.