In an interview with Verema.com, Maestro and explained his journey these 14 years:

«Many, many mistakes, wines that could reasonably drink but nothing more. All preparations were on a basis of chemical enology: sulfur, acids, enzymes, exhaust color, color fixatives, filters, stabilizers, etc… what you put in the books of modern winemaking. Within a few years, one is realizing that if what you want is that the wine tell the story faithfully bringing grapes in her womb, the less logically added to the must things be more faithful image of that He came to his home. So I gradually eliminating exogenous products and wine accessories for the working, aging and bottling, reaching today to make wines only with grapes, vines and well maintained healthy soil»

He also stayed out of the PDO, which gave him the flexibility to get out to neighboring areas, as Valtiendas, or develop a red Grenache, another merlot, Grenache shark a pink and white albillo. In addition, Master has come to Madrid to create a line of different wines and winery just opened in Navalcarnero.

Maestro Tejero wineries in Peñafiel born in 1998 in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, from 2000 to 2006 are incorporated gradually along with the initial in Penafiel, other composite plots of small hawthorn in Castrillo de Duero, Olmos de Peñafiel, Quintanilla de Arriba, Bocos de Duero, Olmedillo de Roa, Arauzo de Salce…

Thus it is looking for different altitudes, directions, native varieties in different soils as alluvial, limestone, clay, sand.

In 2007 begins the search for land on higher ground and are discovered in Valtiendas nearly 1,000 meters some old tempranillo vineyards planted on the original clone of the area and on soils with boulders. Tempranillo clone is different from the valley lands, thus increasing the chances of our wines, adding complexity and aromatic palette.

The diversity of plants and soils give our wines of this area a unique, distinct personality, which is a constant challenge in finding a language that marks the ground.

© Víctor de La Serna


Customers of the New York based ‘Chambers Street Wines’ know its wines better than the vast majority of Spanish tastings of Duero and wines of the surrounding region.

Alice Feiring, a recognized proponent of natural and ‘opposite to Parker’ wines, is an admirer of Maestro Alfredo, the winemaker of Peñafiel whose offerings so impressed the “El mundovino” team in one of their Ribera del Duero tastings to the point that the wines occupied the five select spots of “Wine of the day”. Along with Feiring we met recently in Madrid with this groundbreaker in the Spanish wine industry.

His path has been paved by going against the grain. It started not long ago, in 1998, on his return to his native Peñafiel, planting his first vines and talking with old winegrowers and winemakers in the area to learn from their experiences.

He read books on oenology and viticulture and began to develop, first with purchased grapes, then later with those from vineyards and old vines that were recovering in the area, all by the prevailing standards. But the results did not satisfy him and he began to move away from the area standards and techniques accepted by the vast majority of Spanish producers.

Between the water and the rock, between the sun and the snow, between the night and the day, between the stars and the ground, between the vineyard and man … these are all the factors that combined and in full harmony year after year they give life and feeling to all my wines